At What Time?

The 10th Edition of the Atlantic Dialogues will cover the following themes :

  • The Challenge of Governance in Times of Pandemic
  • The Vaccine Patent Controversy
  • Multilateralism in the Construction of a New World Order
  • Stability Challenges in the Southern Atlantic: Rethinking Efforts
  • The Technology-Human Rights Nexus: Finding Balance
  • Rebuilding an Inclusive Post-Covid Social Contract
  • Economic Recovery and the Great Reset
  • The China-US Trade War: When Will it End?
  • Great Threats to Humanity: Sustainable Energies and Climate Change
  • Public Health Imperatives in the Global South
  • Global Power Competition: The New Race for Africa
  • The Future of Europe in the Post-Covid Geopolitical Arena
  • The Biden Administration: Rebuilding Pathways with the Wider Atlantic
  • Développement Post-Covid: Nouveaux modèles et horizons (in French)
  • Mobilité, littoralisation et économie bleue (in French)
  • The Wake Up Call: Bridging Divides in South America (in Spanish)
  • The Cost of Informality in Global Crises
  • Shifting Education Paradigms: Are Classrooms Obsolete?
  • Reworking the Work Model
  • Leveraging Big Data and Innovation for the South in the Global Economy
  • Making AfCFTA Work
  • Science to the Rescue of Politics
  • Demographic Shifts and the Pandemic
  • Covid-19 and Debt for All
  •  أفريقيا والعالم العربي ـ اي تداخلات في القضايا الجيوسياسية الحالية (in Arabic)

The conference program will be available soon.