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Ade Mabogunje

Senior Research Scientist, Stanford University

Born in Nigeria, where he completed a Master in mechanical engineer at Lagos University, he completed his studies at Stanford, California, with a PhD in 1997. He has worked on artificial intelligence in the Ames research center of NASA and has lead the Real-time Venture Design Lab (ReVeL) in the School of Humanities and Sciences. This endeavor focused on the role of emotion, identity, and narratives in the design of sustainable ventures for achieving shared global prosperity. Ade studies design teams empirically with a view towards nucleating innovation ecosystems and developing performance metrics for them. These metrics are helping advance our understanding of innovation as well as help in accelerating the capital formation process. Along these lines, Ade has worked in Ahmedabad, India, Abeokuta, Nigeria and in the Silicon Valley, California. He is currently working on a simulation model to support the capital allocation decision making process which takes place before, during, and after the design of innovation ecosystems.