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Alan Kasujja

Lead Presenter, Newsday, BBC News

Presenter of the award-winning BBC World Service flagship global news program, Newsday, he has also presented other programs including Outlook, Focus on Africa, Outside Source and World Have Your Say. Alan is also a radio documentary maker who’s reported for the BBC from close to 20 countries. Alan has worked in print media, radio and has also been a TV host since he began his career the late 90s. As a conference speaker/moderator, he has chaired high level discussions in Africa, Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East. He is interested in global geopolitics, political economy and is currently researching the impact of China’s growing presence in Africa. He’s a keen student of African languages and speaks or has a good understanding of many Bantu and Nilotic languages of East Africa. In his free time, Alan is a keen photographer and is involved in socially impactful conversations and the mentorship of young people.