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Federico Ramón Puerta

Former President; Ambassador to Spain, Republic of Argentina

Federico Ramon Puerta is an Argentine civil engineer, businessman in private activities and politician, member of the Movimiento Nacional Justicialista (PJ) political group. He held positions as Deputy and National Senator for the Misiones Province in the Argentine Parliament for several years. He was elected for two consecutive four-year terms Governor of the Misiones Province (1991-99). In 1994 he was one of the governors elected as Constitutional Constituent for the reform of the Argentine National Constitution. As Senator, he was elected President of the National Senate, and after the resignation of President Fernando de la Rúa, he became interim President of the Argentine Republic in December 2001. He was again elected National Deputy in the 2009 elections, and remained in the until 2013 by the Frente Unión Pro Dignidad, a Province alliance. In 2016, he was appointed by President Mauricio Macri at the post of Argentine Ambassador in the Kingdom of Spain where he carried out an important task before the European Union and Africa in opening new businesses for the Argentine Republic and Mercosur. Mr. Puerta is a Civil Engineer graduated from the UCA Pontificial Catholic University of Argentina. As an entrepreneur, he operates in the field of infusion herbs, and has achieved important business in recent years, benefiting his Province Misiones with significant economic income.