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Jamil Mahuad

Former President, Republic of Ecuador

“Jamil Mahuad is an Ecuadorian lawyer, politician and educator, who was leader of the Popular Democracy political group. Before arriving at the Presidency of Ecuador (1998-2000), Jamil Mahuad held positions as National Deputy (1990-92). During the Government of President Hurtado, Mahuad was a member of the government, first as manager of Emprovit, the state agency and then as Minister of Labor in 1983, and finally as spokesperson for the government. In 1992, he assumed the position of Mayor of Quito, for two consecutive periods (1992-98), which gave him great prestige for the almost total provision of public services and the construction of a dynamic and ecological transport system. A milestone of his Mayor’s office was that the city of Quito was elevated to the Metropolitan District in 1993, gaining more autonomy under a new treatment such as “”Metropolitan Mayor”” thus enabling major urban improvements and quality of life in the city. Mahuad was presented to the 1998 Presidential Elections of Ecuador winning in the second round. His main actions as president were the signing of the Peace Agreement with Peru after the war between the two countries, the bank freeze of 1999 and the establishment of the dollar as the national currency. In 1999, the government signed a cooperation agreement with the United States called Plan Colombia to eradicate coca crops and monitor the drug trade in the region. Jamil Mahuad studied at the UCE Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador, where he graduated as a Doctor of Jurisprudence and Lawyer of the Courts of the Republic and continued his studies at the University “”John F. Kennedy”” School of Government of Harvard, United States, where he obtained the Master in Public Administration. Currently, he develops activities as a professor and academic educator.”