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Pushpam Kumar

Chief Environmental Economist and Senior Economic Advisor, United Nations Environment Programme – UNEP

Former Chief of the Ecosystem Services Economics Unit (2010-15) and Coordinator, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Branch (2015-16) in the Ecosystems Division of UN Environment. Report Director for Economics of Land Degradation (Africa and Asia), he also coordinates the Inclusive Wealth Report and provides analytical approaches for Planetary and Human Health. He is Report Director for the TEEB Agri Food Foundation Report and an Advisory Board member of the Gulbenkia Ocean Initiative (Lisbon). He was a member of the Expert Panel of the National Ecosystem Assessment (NEA), UK (2008-11) and associated with the 2007 Nobel peace prize winning IPCC where he served as the Lead Author for the Fourth Assessment of the IPCC (Mitigation). He was co-coordinating lead author of the « Responses Working Group » of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (2000-05). Pushpam also co-chaired Policy and the Technical Committee of the Wealth Accounting and Valuation of Ecosystem Services (WAVES) program led by the World Bank (2011-16). He has a PhD in Environmental Economics and has been with the University of Liverpool, UK and University of Delhi during 1991-2010 as Associate Professor and Professor in Environmental Economics. He is Honorary Research Scientist at the Earth Institute of Columbia University (New York) and is Extra Ordinary Professor at University of Pretoria (South Africa). He sits on many boards and has published eight books.