About AD

Atlantic Dialogues: A Unique Conference With a North-South BlendSince its inception in 2012, the Atlantic Dialogues (AD) conference has become a well-established  annual meeting point taking place in Marrakesh, bringing together 400 high-level senior officials,  business leaders, academics, opinion shapers and civil society actors from the Atlantic space and  beyond from around 90 countries. Its aim is to promote an uncompromising discourse and innovative solutions,  by confronting points of view from the North and the South in a spirit of openness, transparency  and mutual enrichment.  Changing Mental Maps : Bringing the South Atlantic into the Geopolitical Debate on Equal Terms Morocco has been host to the Atlantic Dialogues given its location and close relations to all countries  bordering the Atlantic. The conference, one of its kind, is seeking to put the South Atlantic on the  geopolitical map and promote the ties between Africa and Latin America. The Atlantic Dialogues have  become the most impactful event for the Atlantic basin, where 3 continents (Africa, the Americas and  Europe) meet during 3 full days to build the future of their common space on equal terms, and where  the Southern voices are heard. The 16th Best Worldwide Conference Organized by a Think Tank According to the Global Go-To index 2019 (by the University of Pennsylvania), the conference is the 16th best worldwide organized by a think tank. In the same Index, the Policy Center for the New South is ranked 1st in the Think Tank ranking in North Africa, and 8th in the Middle East-North Africa (MENA). Launch of the annual Atlantic Currents on the First Day of Each Edition of the Atlantic DialoguesIn this flagship publication, researchers and experts from the Policy Center for the New South’s network  analyze the state of Africa and the world with respect to the conference’s annual theme. Intercontinental and Intergenerational Dialogue Each year, 30 to 50 Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders (ADELs) from across the Atlantic basin, take part in a two-day tailored leadership and networking program, composed of interactive structured group conversations with decision and opinion makers on key Atlantic development and cooperation issues, as well as informal meetings with innovative community leaders and think tank representatives, before joining the Atlantic Dialogues as participants. The ADEL community encompasses over 380 alumni from the program across continents, regions, sectors and backgrounds, and connects present and future leaders of the Atlantic Basin, in a spirit of intergenerational dialogue.